Three seater bar with a modern design

The design of the bar was of a “Raised and Fielded” panel finish for the bar frontage, canopy frontage and cupboard doors. Another design feature was the main counter top being supported by satin finished stainless steel pipes. This bar top was constructed out of solid Mahogany.

The balance of the pub was constructed using solid Mahogany for the frontage of the bar, serving shelves, frontage of the canopy, cupboard doors, fascia to the displays, beading, edging, skirting and cornice.

Mahogany veneer was used for the shell schemes of the cupboards, the divisions of the displays and the underside of the canopy. The serving shelf below the bar allowed for a small bar fridge to be installed.

The wall displays comprised of three compartments with silver mirrors at the back with 10mm glass shelves. Below the displays cupboards and shelving space were provided.

A Canopy was made following the shape of the bar using a mix of solid Mahogany and veneer, within which a false ply ceiling was installed.

Down lighters with a satin steel finish were installed in the canopy and display units together with a dimmer switch.

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