Stylish Island Bar

This stylish Island Bar was created to complement this modern apartment. The frontage of the bar had a 250 mm framework all round which was Duco painted in a High Gloss Chalk White finish. A Mahogany veneer inlay, 600 mm high and matching the veneer on the underside of the canopy was created in the front of the bar within the Duco'd framework.

A Caesarstone Stone "Frosty Carina " Counter top and serving shelf was installed. A stainless steel footrest was created around the radius of the bar.

Two floating rear Display panels were created to each side of the alcove. These were made from Mahogany veneers, stained to match the bar frontage. These Panels had floating 10 mm glass shelves. 10 mm glass floating shelves were also installed in the spaces between the panels.
The top of the cupboards had a Caesarstone Stone "Frosty Carina" finish.

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