Modern bar for a small space

This Bar was designed to make the most out of a small space in the room.

The Bar top, front and rear serving shelves were made from solid Mahogany. The frontage of the bar and doors clad with Crystal Quartz Riven stone surrounded by a solid Mahogany framework. All the skirting, edging and capping was made using solid Mahogany.

A storage shelf, 300mm in depth, made from solid Mahogany will be installed along the inside of the bar front. Mahogany Veneers with solid Mahogany edging were used for the Display panels, the shell scheme of the cupboards and Cupboard doors. The two Display panels were float mounted against the rear wall. The displays had floating 10mm glass shelves and the wall to both sides of the panels had floating 10mm glass shelves.

Below the display panels, cupboards, 240mm deep, with centre shelves were provided. Stainless steel bar handles were fitted to the cupboard doors. A timber boxed foot rest with stainless steel tubing was installed along the front of the bar.