Solid Mahogany and Rosa Riven Stone


The Bar top, front and rear serving shelves are made from solid Mahogany.

The frontage of the bar and doors are constructed from Rosa Riven Stone with solid Mahogany framework.

The skirting, edging and capping are constructed out of solid Mahogany.

The width of the top is 4.5 m. The total bar run is  5.4 m.

Mahogany Veneers are used for the divisions of the displays and the shell scheme of the cupboards.

Three Displays are installed against the rear wall. The displays have silver mirrors and 10 mm glass shelves. Below the displays cupboards and shelves are provided.

Space is allowed for 2 x 500mm x 550mm x 860mm fridges and a cradle wine rack in the centre of the cupboard run.

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