Mahogany bookcase for specialist books

The Cupboard top, skirting, capping and edging was made from solid Mahogany timber. The divisions of the Bookcase were made from Mahogany veneers with a solid Mahogany finish. Double veneer boards were used to create 34 mm divisions.

The Bookshelves were made from 22 mm Mahogany veneers. This thickness gave strength to the bookcase. One section of the shelving was spaced 450mm apart to take a particular range of books and the balance of the shelves were spaced 350mm apart.

The doors had solid timber frames with veneer inlays.

This Display cabinet was designed to colour match the Bookcase as they were in the same area.

The cabinet had cupboards and drawers at the base with displays above with doors over these display areas.

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