Duco painted Bar with Riven Stone bar frontage

The Bar top and front serving shelves were made from Technistone 20mm Classic Ice.

The frontage of the bar was tiled with Grey Quartzite riven stone. The Cupboards at the rear of the Bar have a Technistone 20mm Classic Ice top. The Cupboard Doors have a frame with an inlaid panel. The frame is Duco finished in Dulux Grey Steel and the panel was Duco finished in Plascon Evasive White.

A space was created under the front serving shelf for refrigeration.

Dulux Grey steel Duco finish was used for the divisions of the displays. The shell scheme of the cupboards were made in White melamine. Two Cradle wine racks were created at each end of the back wall. The displays had Silver mirrors and 10mm glass shelves were provided.

A boxed foot rest with steel tubing was installed along the front of the bar. LED down lighters (steel finish) were supplied and installed in the display units.

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