Virtual Tour of coming Mahogany Bar

The Bar will be made from solid Mahogany for all the counters, fluted columns, reeded corbels and framework for the “Shaker” panels.

The Bar frontage will have key features of “Shaker” style panels with fluted column divisions between each panel. The columns will have a reeded Corbel detail at the top of each column. The Bar frontage will have a shaped arm rest frontage.

The cupboards below the displays will also have “Shaker” style doors with fluted columns between each cupboard section. The Cupboard run will be designed to accommodate your Ice making Machine and 3 door under-bar Fridge.

The divisions of the displays will also have fluted columns which will visually separate the display areas. The Bulkhead frontage will have the same “Shaker” styling as the front of the Bar. There will be one large pillar at each end of the Bar which will appear to support the bulkhead. These pillars will also be fluted and will have the same reeded Corbel design as the front of the Bar. The Bulkhead will have an internal ceiling running to the top of the Displays.

Antique finish mirrors will be used in the displays. There will be 10mm glass shelves in each display.
The displays and beams will have LED lighting.