Studies and Libraries

If you are looking for custom-designed libraries and studies, look no further. Whether you are running a small business from home or just need somewhere to store your household paperwork and filing, The Wood Studio will design, manufacture and install a work space to fit your every need.

For your Home Office:

A custom-designed home office or solid wood bookshelf can add sophistication and luxury to your home, your private space becomes elegant and classy. Looking for stylish ways to sort out your corporate filing & paperwork needs? The Wood Studio are experts at stylishly solving corporate work-space issues. Special attention is paid to the computing, printing and communication requirements of each home office design. Our construction, design & installation will meet any and all of your requirements.

Libraries and Studies

A variety of options exists from which your wood library furniture or bookshelf can be created. Our libraries and studies feature combinations of various wood elements to make your study the envy of your associates. Careful consideration is given to ergonomics while ensuring that the result is aesthetically pleasing. It’s very important that your study is both practical and attractive.

Below are some of the already installed fine finish wood designs created by The Wood Studio using a solid and veneered timber combination.

So whether you are running a corporate business, looking to improve your home, or running your business from home: Contact the Wood Studio for all your study, library and shelving needs today!


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